Aqua Sea Foam

Bang Tango - Buenos Aires 1992

Beautiful Demise

Blind Pig - April 10, 1990 @ The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI

Complete Cover Versions

The Complete Radio Sessions

Dead Men's Paradise

Dressed for Success

The Great Alternative Album

Grunge is Dead


I Hate Myself and Want to Die

I Love Myself and Want to Live

Interview Disc

Kurt's Grand Finale

Kurt's Home Guitar Rehearsals

Last American Show

Live in Austin, Texas - October 21, 1991

Live In Japan

Live in Seattle - December 28, 1988

Love Buzz

Mr. Kurdt Kobain

Murder by Guitar


Outcesticide II

Outcesticide III

Outcesticide IV

Outcesticide IV

Out of the Blue - The Seattle University 1989

Pay to Play

Seattle, WA. September 21, 1991

Single Rare Tracks

Stiff Drinks