Mark Holt

E-mail: mark AT
Home page:
Voice: 408.229.9422

Platforms: Sun (SPARC,UltraSPARC,JavaStation,Java devices), Intel, Apple, PalmPilot
Operating Systems: Solaris 7/2.x (Unix System V), SunOS 4.1.x (BSD), Microsoft Windows 9x/NT, MS-DOS 4.x or newer, MacOS/System 9
Languages: HTML, C, C and Bourne shell scripts, Javascript, Perl, CGI
Networks:Familiar with ISDN/DSL/T1 installation process, Microwave Ethernet communications, Satellite Uplink/Downlink process, setup of Ethernet network (Windows 9x/Solaris/MacOS), Ricochet modems, WebTV, Telos Zephyr box, Ascend Products, Sun PC-NFS, Network File System (NFS), NIS and NIS+
Applications:Microsoft Office 2000 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Intuit Quicken 2000, Sony Digital Camera Album Utility, PhotoImpact, Adobe Framemaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CD-ROM publishing software (Windows 9x/Solaris/MacOS HFS), Digital Video creation process, ShowMeTV/ShowMe
Browsers: Netscape Communicator, Internet Explorer, NCSA Mosaic, familiar with browsers and services from the major access providers including America Online, Microsoft Network, Netcom, and Prodigy
Servers: NCSA httpd Server, Netscape httpd Server, Netscape Commerce Server, Jeeves Java Server and Servlets
Tools: RealNetworks RealEncoder (Audio and Video), RealNetworks Server, RealNetworks RealPlayer, Perceptual Robotics Telepresence Robotic Camera System, NetEye camera, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Media Player, GTS Video Server, Java Streaming Auido and Video, AOL Instant Messenger, CU-SeeMe, Connectix Quickcam, various Chat programs, Animated GIFs, Imagemaps, HTML forms, Sony/Kodak/Apple Digital Cameras, Quicktime movies, Quicktime VR, Internet Search Engines and Directories, Newsgroups
- Sun Microsystems, Inc. July 2001-Present
Engineering Manager, Sun Developer Network
- Sun Microsystems, Inc. Feb 2000-June 2001
Web Services Manager, Market Development & Developer Relations
- Sun Microsystems, Inc. Dec 1999-Jan 2000
Engineering Manager, Developer Communications
- New Media Specialist-Independent Consultant Aug 1998-Dec 2001
  • Assembly of 2 CD-ROM set (Windows 9x/MacOS/Solaris) for Sun's Worldwide Marketing Program
  • Engineering Lead on Java Sun System Configuration Tool for Sun's Developer Program
  • Digitize Video (25+ hours) for CD-ROM of Frontier Global Center's Multi-day In-house Training Session
  • Creation of 2 Macromedia Flash presentations for Frontier Global Center for Unix World Tradeshow
  • Engineering Lead for Synopsys' Flash demos on Solaris/Windows/HP-UX (15 demos/machines) for DAC '99 Tradeshow
  • Creation of 3 CD-ROM and 3 VHS Video Set for San Jose State University's Mentoring Progam Director
  • Webcast of Primus' Internet Infiltration Event for JumpCut, SonicNet, and Real Broadcasting Network
  • Webcast of TS2/98 Tradeshow for JumpCut
  • Webcasts of Fillmore Sessions for Bill Graham Presents and
- Boy Kicks Girl - Punk Rock Band Sept 1996-Present
Executive Producer and Webmaster
  • Voted Second 'Most Popular Silicon Valley Local Band 1999' in The Metro
  • Consistantly placing in Top 50 in's Punk section since March 1999
  • Featured on Live 105's Local Lounge CD
  • Winners of Levi's/Live 105's Contest to open for Blink 182 in Union Square in SF
  • Completed second self-financed/professionally-produced CD.
  • Sold over 1500 self-financed/self-produced CD's in the US.
  • Top 10 Selling SF Bay Area Local Band.
  • Played on Vans Warped Tour at Boreal in July 2000.
  • 6 week tour of USA in Summer of 2000.
  • 2 week tour in Southwest USA.
  • 2 week tour in Texas.
  • Consistant college radio airplay.
- Sun Microsystems, Inc. Aug 1995-July 1998
Engineering Manager, New Media Group
  • Managed 6 engineers, multiple third parties, and a 4000 square foot custom-built New Media Lab.
  • Co-managed a $1.7 million budget and New Media Group's business relationships.
  • Managed engineering relationship with E! Online for Sun's partnership in E! Online events.
  • Managed engineering relationship with the independent film 'Dumbarton Bridge'.
  • Managed kiosk development for New Line Cinema's 'Lost in Space' movie and for the Opening Night of the Broadway play 'The Diary of Anne Frank' working with multiple third party developers.
  • Managed port of Perceptual Robotics' Telepresence products to Java and the Sun platform.
  • Created New Media Sun hardware loaner program.
  • Started the popular Java applet web site Café del Sol.
  • Created Java-based Electronic Commerce Music Demonstration in conjuction with American Recording/Warner Bros., Capitol Records, Columbia Records, and Epic.
  • Created 'Mark and Marc Interviews...' online interviews with web VIPs for Sun's home page.
  • Created Developer Chats about Sun products for Sun's home page.
  • Sun New Media web gatekeeper.
  • Managed engineering team of 9 for development of the first Disneyland and Disney Channel web sites. Worked closely with SunIntegration and Disney.
  • Initiated New Media relationships for Sun with Addicted to Noise, American Pavilion/Cannes Film Festival, American Recordings/Warner Bros., Artist Direct Talent Agency,, Capitol Records, Earthweb, Fourfront Marketing, Graham Technology Solutions, House of Blues, IUMA, KICU - Channel 36, Mandalay Entertainment/Sony, MTV Networks, New Line Cinema/Fine Line Features, Perceptual Robotics, Pollstar, Prime Sports/Fox Sports, RealNetworks, rVision/Big Gun Project, Simul-Sports International, Sony Music (Columbia/Epic/Sony), Thinking Pictures, TicketMaster, William Morris Agency, Yahoo.
  • Lead Engineer/Engineering Mgr/Event Mgr for Sun New Media at the following events:
    • 1995 Lollapalooza
    • 1996 Bud Surf Tour
    • 1996 US Open of Surfing
    • 1996 Summer Olympics at the House of Blues Java Joint
    • 1996 Democratic National Convention
    • 1997 First-ever webcast of US Presidential Innauguration
    • 1997 House of Blues Java Joint at the Super Bowl
    • Paul McCartney Webcast and Chat with Capitol Records/VH1/E! Online
      • Voted "Best Chat of 1997" by Yahoo! Internet Life magazine.
    • 1997 and 1998 Cannes Film festival
    • 3 White House Millennium Evenings
    • Webcasts of Fillmore Sessions with Bill Graham Presents and Levi's
    • For a complete list of events see
Engineering Mgr, CD-ROM Developer Programs June 1993 - June 1994
  • All responsibilities of Lead Engineer - Catalyst CDware as stated below.
  • Managed 5 engineers and a $500k/budget.
  • Ported CD-ROM interface from propreitary interface to HTML/Web browser interface.
  • Managed first port of Java and HotJava to SunOS, Solaris x86, and PowerPC.
  • Sun Developer Program web gatekeeper.
  • Created the Catalyst Interlink program.
  • Created the Catalyst CDware and Catalyst Interlink home pages.
  • Moved On-line Catalyst Catalog to the web.
  • Responsible for Catalyst engineering participation in the following tradeshows: Intel/Sun P6 launch, Unix Expo, Internet World, Sunsoft Developer Conference, Netscape Developer Conference, JavaOne, Interop, and Interop Press and Analyst Party featuring a performance by Randy Newman.
Lead Engineer, Catalyst CDware Nov 1991-May 1993
  • All responsibilities of Software Engineer-Independent Contractor as stated below.
  • Managed 3 engineers and a $250k/year budget.
  • Redesign of the Catalyst CDware graphical user interface from CDmanager to Prism. This increased in participation on the CD-ROM three-fold. Managed process from inception through design, coding, focus groups and human interface testing. Prism interface in use for three years.
  • Managed internationalization of CD-ROM in German, Japanese and Korean.
  • Managed putting the hard copy Catalyst Catalog on CD-ROM.
  • Managed the creation of a Catalyst CDware demonstration for the CD-ROM.
  • Created E-mail Lead Tracking System so customers could request additional product information directly from the CD-ROM via e-mail or fax.
  • Created automated quality assurance scripts increasing the quality of the CD-ROM.
  • Managed technical relationship for over 100 third parties on the CD-ROM.
  • Brought Release Engineering process in-house decreasing CD-ROM production schedule by 2 weeks.
  • Provide system administration for New Media Group and New Media Lab.
Software Engineer-Independent Contractor Aug 1990-Oct 1991
  • Lead engineer for creating the Catalyst CDware CD-ROM program - the first CD-ROM for advertising third-party software. The disc has an annual circulation of over 500k world-wide. The disc has been called "the most successfull marketing program ever at Sun Microsystems" and existed for over 8 years.
  • Manage budget of $75k/year.
  • Provide technical support for over 50 third-parties participating on the disc.
  • Created developer CD-ROM which provides tools and roadmap for third-parties participating on the Catalyst CDware disc. Developer tools included a drawing tool, file layout/mgt, and a slideshow player.
  • Manage software quality assurance and release engineering process.
  • Manage engineering relationship with CD-ROM manufacturer.
- Meridian Data, Inc. July 1989-July 1990
Lead Unix Engineer
  • Specified, designed, scheduled and implemented CD-ROM publishing utilities package for the Sun SPARCstation 1. Consisted of porting exisitng code from Microsoft Windows/MS-DOS and MacOS. Added a GUI to the utilities.
  • Managed relationship with Sun Microsystems and Young Minds.
  • Installed Internet and E-mail access for the company. Installed PC-NFS LAN.
  • Worked with CD-ROM data preparation process, SCSI bus, Exabyte 8mm tape, Unix system administration, Make, SCCS, dbxtool debugger, OpenWindows' GUIDE, Sun's Catalyst third party developers program, Sun CD-ROM drive and software, and Sun's beta test program.
- Tandon Corp. June 1988-June 1989
Software Engineer
  • Member of team of two writing a removable fixed disk device driver for SCO Xenix 286 and 386.
  • Managed 2 Associate Software Engineers.
  • Installation of UUCP network.
- Cornerstone Computers Sept 1983-May 1988
Associated Software Engineer
  • Wrote compiled BASIC programs for retail businesses.
  • Database programming in dbase II, dbase III, dbase III+, and Foxpro.
  • Wrote voice emulation application for telephone communication on a Texas Instruments PC.

- San Jose State University - San Jose, CA Aug 1990
  • Masters of Business Administration (1 year completed)
- California Polytechnical State University - SLO, CA Sept 1988
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Concentration in Microcomputer Systems and Management Applications
- Oak Grove High School - San Jose, CA June 1984

Professional Development Courses
- Business Communications in Europe
- Business Communications with the Japanese
- Communicating Across Cultures
- Illustra Database Basics and Development
- OLIT Programming
- Sun Spokesperson Media Interviewing Workshop
- Telemarketing Basics by Pacific Bell
- Time Management and Personal Leadership
- Using, Customizing and Programming the X Window System
- Visualization of Scientific Information
- Writing Unix System Device Drivers

- UCLA Film School's Graduate Program's New Media seminar.
- Invited to speak at RealNetworks Developer Conference.
- Invited to speak at South by Southwest Film/Music/Interactive Festival.

- Member of Sun's World Wide Web Technical Council.
- Member of Ad Hoc Committee for Unix Extensions to ISO 9660